Shenzhen JoyShaker Technology Co., Ltd is a Chinese home ware innovation company which specializes in producing quality products such as
Sports Bottle,Protein Shaker,Fruit Infuser Bottle,Coffee Mug,Plastic Cup,Lunch Box and many other innovative homeware products.

We are a very proud product design and development company with testing facilities with ISO:9001, ISO:14001, ISO:18001 accreditation which includes
high quality precision engineering, analysis and testing, tooling and manufacturing expertise. 
By offering a full range of product development services from vigorous​ Research and Development processes, Mould Design, 3D printing, Injection
Molding, Blow Molding, Silk Screen printing, Heat Transfer
and other world leading capabilities since 2006, including all shipping services.

We are an ideal supplier with such commitment and passion by providing OEM & ODM services to our clients around the world which will allow us to
collaborate together for a diversified brand expansion opportunities for creating innovative new products, technologies and process, and we are a
consistent choice for clients with challenging technical project requirements which necessitate a high level of attention to detail.
Our priority is quality without compromise is the vital core of our business around the world in meeting the necessary requirements, including international government standards, this is our promise to deliver our positive dedication that offers a better tomorrow, today!
All our product range is manufactured of food-grade materials with the relevant test reports for our reputable clients.
At Shenzhen JoyShaker Technology Co., Ltd our core philosophy is collaborating our understanding with maximum results for our clients by offering
the most trusted service where we aim to achieve the best outcome.  
Our company appreciates opportunity by its long term success with a dedicated team with focus and commitment which includes; Social Responsibility, Occupational Health and Safety, Quality Assurance and Control with exceptional service on offer.
We shall look forward to doing professional business regardless to the size of your company as we treat everyone on equal terms.
Our mission here is to grow together and strengthen your company objectives in markets all around the world for an indubitable future together.